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There are so many Middle Places and no two are alike. But here’s the thing. Jesus has already experienced them-the sleepless nights, the mob of people needing Him, the hands tugging on His clothes, the problems dropping through the ceilings, the storms, the calm, making tough decisions, having to wait, the abandonment and loneliness, and ultimately giving His life for ours, hanging on a cross right in the middle of two reprehensible men.
Maybe His Middle Places didn’t look exactly like ours, but He still knows what we’re going through and goes right along beside us. In fact, we are so hemmed in by His love we couldn’t get away from it if we flew to the heavens or went diving to the bottom of the ocean. (Go read Psalm 139:1-15 if you need to be reminded of how persistent and lavish God’s love for you is.) If He is willing to go to those extremes for us, don’t you think He will stick with us in the middle of them?
Join the Middle Sisters as we explore the messy ways of grace in short, 5 minute bytes of life.
Contributing authors: Cheri Brorsen, Dana Portwood, Sasha Johns, Heather Truett, Nadia Wilder, Liz Clayton, Angela Giles Klocke, Elizabeth Mattick, Stephanie Gates, Rachel Oliver and Maria Davis.

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Maria is wife to a handsome tech guru and homeschooling mom of a teen and tween. She's a coffee lover by day, tea lover by night, book nerd, crazy cat lady, musician and a self-proclaimed geek bent on a life of embracing grace and sharing stories.
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