Anchored: Finding Hope In the Unexpected

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Picked by Maria:

I, just this very morning, finished reading Kayla Aimee’s brand new book, Anchored. I have to admit, that if I hadn’t known her personally through my MOPS group, I might have passed this one over because of its subject matter. Even though it’s got quite a lovely cover and I have a thing for pretty books. And I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover. But I still love pretty books.

And I would have missed out on such very much.

As I read Kayla’s book I cried. A lot. Because she story was so very vulnerable, and so much more than any one of us should ever have to carry and my heart broke for her. Her struggle to find hope and the retelling of those moments were intensely captured and gave me all the feels.

And I also laughed. A lot. This may be because I know her and can practically hear her telling all her little bits of snark and silly moments and picture how she would be talking with her hands. She is actually that funny in real life. I loved that she used her humor to keep her story light enough to sit and read straight through the book. Which I did.

You can read the rest of my review here: Anchored Book Review


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