Preparing for the No

I was single when I turned 30 – and lived with a houseful of single friends. It was great, except when it wasn’t. I enjoyed a full life and never lacked something fun to do. I tried online dating and had gone on a few dates but nothing really stuck. […]

5 Truths for Icky Days

Have you ever heard of fish ich? It’s pronounced like “ick,” and it’s an actual illness occurring in fish aquariums. The balance of the water gets off and causes this particular strain of bacteria to grow and the fish in the tank start to look … well, icky. There’s really […]

When Life Feels Like a Wrestling Match

“Did you win?” one of the guys from my small group asked me after church on Sunday. “Did I win?” I replied racking my brain trying to remember what I had competed in. I may talk a big game, but there really isn’t that much competition going on in my […]

How to escape without running away

I’m experiencing technical difficulties since returning from vacation. Perhaps the endless scenery, or the perfect weather or simply being away from everything – from every obligation to every responsibility – are to blame.  I’m simply reluctant to pick up where I left off now that I am home. I’ve tried […]

The Bitter Uprising

Lately, I suck at sermons. I don’t mean I am bad at giving sermons. That wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve spoken from the pulpit in a couple of churches, but I call those “talks” more than “sermons.” No one is calling on me to preach. What I’m confessing here is […]


I sat blindsided by the Middle Places’ theme. Reconnect. No thank you. I don’t wanna. That’s about all I had to say about it. This world sucks so many times. And the truth is that many times it takes a lot of effort to not just hide at my farm […]

On Peas and Poundcake

Over Labor Day weekend my husband, a chiropractor,  was given a big sack of pink eye purple hull peas, and a mess of okra by one of his loyal patients. In this same time frame I was charged with making a dessert for the family dinner down home on Monday. […]

A Safe Place

Today, I sat in my therapist’s office and talked about my grandmother’s house. I am starting EMDR therapy, and that means I will be going backwards in time. I will be revisiting the scenarios that have left me a big ball of anxiety this year. While doing this, my therapist […]

Searching for Rest

Rest. Y’all, we know this important. Just like exercise and eating right and having regular quiet times. Right? Yet, when our calendars start filling up, it’s always the first thing to go. We fill it with other things to get by…like eating too much chocolate, drinking copious amounts of coffee […]

How to sit with Uncertainty

It’s time to visit my therapist this month, which means she’s going to ask what things life rolled my way since I saw her last, and how they affect me.  As I begin to mentally prepare for breaking down my thoughts, I literally don’t know where to begin.  It’s been […]