Hanging in to the Finish

By the time this post gets published, I will have likely had a baby. Oh God, please let that be true. But today, as I sit at my computer with my feet up on the desk, I’m 8 months along and feeling huge and uncomfortable. I have to go to […]

The Finishing Touch

I am great at starting projects. I quickly map out a plan, get my supplies and I’m off! It’s usually about halfway through that I fully realize the investment I’ve made (whether an afternoon project or one that lasts a week+). And then I press on because it’s “too late […]

Hiding my Inner Human

Often as a service to others, I try to be Wonder Woman and hide my inner human. My inner human vs. Wonder Woman My inner human can be quite a force to reckon with. She is selfish and shy. Quick-tempered and obstinate. She generally feels out of control and wants […]

How to Say the Kindest No

True confession: I really like to say yes. When someone asks me for something, I always want to give them what they want. Saying “yes” makes me feel important and needed. My friend Stephanie calls it “Oprahing”: You get a yes. And you get a yes. And you get a […]

Some Fears Need to be Shared

As I walked around the room at the end of the VBS lesson about fears, I read the words the children wrote. That day we learned about taking our fears to God in prayer. Then we encouraged them to write something they were afraid of and draw pictures about it. […]

Learning to Live After All These Years

I don’t abide well. We moved. A lot. And when you move, you don’t rest, you don’t settle. Roots can’t dig in, and growth stunts when we don’t remain. It took me many years to realize some of the effects of this wandering. Making friends doesn’t come easily. Once you […]

The One Word I Speak in the Middle of a Crisis

I chucked out what I originally wrote on abiding this month. It didn’t have the honesty I wanted to put in the piece. Something kept blocking my words. Last week I went to visit a dear friend. On my last afternoon in town, we sat and talked for a couple […]

How my Abandoned Heart Found Safety in Jesus

Abandonment. Too free-flowing of a word for the ugly it brings in its wake. Its cruelness whips the broken child standing on a porch stoop watching her daddy drive away week after week in a big truck. Knowing he will be back, but also knowing while he’s gone, she is […]

My Comfort in Knowing That God Is Unchanging

Abiding means unchanging, enduring, steadfast. And it is one of those words you don’t hear often outside of church. The word itself seems to have this lilting quality bringing a sense of peace and transcendence even as it is spoken, a sense of otherworldly stillness. We all yearn for this […]

Searching for Hope When It All Feels Wasted

The search is on. You don’t know me, but I know you won’t believe it when I tell you, in three years, we will retire. I’m not sure I believe it. Of course, we’re not old enough for that. Well, he is, but me? We surf Zillow looking at homes, […]