Hiding my Inner Human

Often as a service to others, I try to be Wonder Woman and hide my inner human. My inner human vs. Wonder Woman My inner human can be quite a force to reckon with. She is selfish and shy. Quick-tempered and obstinate. She generally feels out of control and wants […]

Life: The Sublime and the Mundane

The day I got married was my all-time favorite day. Sure, I went a little nuts with the hot glue gun in the weeks leading up to the big event, making over-the-top bird cage centerpieces. And yes, there were tears I vowed I’d never cry about things like booking the […]

I’m Going to Finish

I started college the fall after my high school graduation. I completed two semesters and then got married, moved to another state, and had a baby. Alrighty then. Plans change, right? We take detours. We trip, fall and get back up again. That’s what I did. When my oldest son […]

Looking for Truth in the Midst of the Mess

Under the cover of darkness, he pulled his pickup truck in to the dirt-packed construction site. His muscles strained as he maneuvered the boxed, Jacuzzi bathtub onto the tailgate and then to the bed of the truck. Securing the stolen property, he kept his headlights off until he reached the […]

What I Learned While I Served Silently

Two years ago, I began serving inside a juvenile detention center, (after being vetted through references and finger-printed, photographed and LIVE SCANNED at the Sheriff’s Office), because I want the kids who come for Friday night church to know God sees them and God hears them. I want to say, […]

What Does It Mean to Be Kind in a Raging World?

I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to be kind. As we get deeper and deeper into this intense political season where passions run high and tempers are quick to flare, I’ve heard a number of people imploring us all to be kind. It seems like good advice on […]

Evangelism sometimes uses words

It is my last day in Honduras. I’m sitting on the back porch of Clinica de Esperanza. Around me, people are digging and planting, moving dirt and piling rocks. I’m thinking about the word “evangelism.” I used to think evangelism was all about talking (the cliché phrase: I’d like to […]

Service as an Act of Gratitude

I have always enjoyed serving. As a child and through my college years my motivation behind serving centered around whether or not it made me feel good. It was less about the one I served and more about me. I helped in the nursery because I loved babies, I did […]

The To Be List: Living Fully from Within

From the moment my feet hit the ground in the morning, I’m on the go. Being “Mommy” consumes much of my waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours. Then there’s my contract work, ministry commitments and the everyday stuff of life. My days are full of good things to be done, with […]