Allowing God to Polish my Heart

A few weeks ago, I hit my tooth while singing on a microphone. My front tooth. I didn’t think anything of it until I flossed and felt a rough place. Ugh. One thousand and forty thoughts when through my head … I can’t afford to fix this right now. How […]

Remembering to Praise in Hard Times

My husband and I recently attended the funeral of a friend who battled breast cancer for three years. Another friend’s wife is celebrating remission. Our niece was diagnosed with the same cancer in March. She has two young daughters. My heart breaks to see what she is going through. “I […]

Hanging in to the Finish

By the time this post gets published, I will have likely had a baby. Oh God, please let that be true. But today, as I sit at my computer with my feet up on the desk, I’m 8 months along and feeling huge and uncomfortable. I have to go to […]

Maybe a Little Procrastination is OK

I’ve got to say “finishing” is the last topic about which I should write. When writing blogs, I get about 75% done and just stop. It’s not that I don’t finish things I start, but I like to procrastinate the process just a little. I don’t like to see things […]

Choosing to Embrace Sabbath Rest

Last year I did a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer about Sabbath rest called Breathe. It was a wonderful book that I hated because it convicted me in so many ways. Seriously. I barely finished it, because it just kept hitting me in the gut over and over again. Have […]

When Compassion is Hard

Have you seen the article floating around Facebook about the woman who helped a man who pooped in a grocery store? I think it happened in my town, y’all. I’m not kidding. I am member of a neighborhood group page. Some time ago, someone posted about a person who had […]

The Finishing Touch

I am great at starting projects. I quickly map out a plan, get my supplies and I’m off! It’s usually about halfway through that I fully realize the investment I’ve made (whether an afternoon project or one that lasts a week+). And then I press on because it’s “too late […]

There Are Some Things I’m Never Going to Finish

There are some things I will never finish. Reading. I may finish a book, but there is always another book, another poem, another play or blog or essay collection. Writing. I always have more stories to tell. And some days I feel like I will never finish writing the stories […]

Do the Next Thing

Do it immediately; Do it with prayer; Do it reliantly, casting all care; Do it with reverence, Tracing His Hand, Who placed it before thee with Earnest command. Stayed on Omnipotence, Safe ‘neath His wing, Leave all resultings, DO THE NEXT THING -Author Unknown I was reading a blog post […]