Hiding: When Your Next Step Seems Impossible

Having written a blog post about the first two steps and then steps three and four, I thought I’d like to write about steps five and six for this week’s post. I just read them and promptly began brainstorming anything else I could blog about. I mean… really… Step 5 […]

Why self-care isn’t selfish

“Doesn’t running make you feel selfish?” she asked. The question caught me completely by surprise.  Is running selfish, I wondered? Not that I plan to stop running if it is, but I have never thought of it this way before. I admit, I was intrigued by the concept. Before I […]

Step by Step

I have to admit, before last week, I didn’t know what steps came after admitting you have a problem. For as long as I can remember, I have said and heard other people say things like, “Well, at least you admit that is a problem. That’s the first step.” I […]

This is my confession to you …

I sat in the early service Sunday morning and I felt good. My usual defensive posture wasn’t entirely gone, but it felt distant. The liturgical reading for World Communion was taken from a poem, and I loved the words. Even my son’s teenage I-Don’t-Want-To-Be-Here slouch felt normal. As I wrote […]

Listening Space

Yesterday I ran seven miles. My husband and I are running a half-marathon in seven weeks which means I get up before the sun and run until I have successfully gone through all the stages of grief and cursed the day I was born, then I come home and start […]

A Change of Focus

I had high expectations for this summer. Those hopes haven’t been met and my summer has been all the better for it. I’ve been pretty open about my husband and I’s struggle with fertility. We’ve been trying for another baby for many months now and have been diagnosed with “unexplained […]

A Safe Place

Today, I sat in my therapist’s office and talked about my grandmother’s house. I am starting EMDR therapy, and that means I will be going backwards in time. I will be revisiting the scenarios that have left me a big ball of anxiety this year. While doing this, my therapist […]

Name It, Blame It, and Claim It…

I gotsta warn ya… Ima gonna get into some dirty territory here, peeps. But if my piggies don’t mind a little mud, I sho nuff don’t either.  I’m noticing more and more that “issues” are used as excuses for being rude or being a dumb dumb or or just plain […]