Play to Your Strengths

Sophomore year of college I decided to become a lifeguard. The summer before I’d totally loved spending every spare moment swimming at the pool in the dorms where I worked as an RA. I figured not only would training to become a lifeguard fulfill the phys ed requirement for my […]

Wear your Thanksgiving pants

I have a crazy addiction to the old television show, Friends. In one of my favorite episodes, Joey agrees to eat an entire turkey on Thanksgiving day and shows up to the meal in elastic panel maternity pants…his Thanksgiving pants. Instead of explaining, you should watch this before we continue. […]

Empty Place Settings & Hope

I meticulously set the table for seven.  I inserted the leaf in the old table, so there’d be enough room for all of the guests.  I carefully arranged the napkins on my favorite table cloth.  I dressed the table with china and silver and dessert plates. Everything matched or didn’t […]

Thanksgiving Chain

If you’ve been following Middle Places this month you know that our theme for November is Recount.  All month we’re talking about being thankful, counting our blessings, and remembering all those things for which we want to say “Thank You, God.”  All our readers in America have that built into […]

The Luxury of Outrage

I’m pausing my 12 Steps series to join the crowd crowing over Starbucks Christmas cups. If you’re as tired of hearing about this as I am, you may tune out here. I totally get it. First off, I don’t actually care about Starbucks cups. This post isn’t really about Starbucks […]

Each Holy Hour

This weekend I actually wrote the word “Thanksgiving” in my planner.  It’s the end of the year, already.  I swear it was January just last week, but here we are.  November. We’ll blink, and it will be Christmas morning.  We’ll go to bed, and it will be another new year. […]

Halloween is for Neighbors

I never cared too much about Halloween growing up. I mean sure – actually getting candy from strangers is great and all, but it was not something I looked forward to the same way I did Christmas or my birthday or even Valentine’s Day with it’s sentimentality and pink hearts. […]

Fun, Last-Minute 4th of July Ideas

So if you’re like me, you sometimes (almost always) forget about upcoming holidays, and the make-ahead slow-cooker breakfast casseroles, the matching, family holiday attire, and all that pre-planned stuff. I mean, we know these little celebrations are coming, and we enjoy the time off and most of the family time […]

A Grown-Up Summer Bucket List

It may not be officially summer yet, but with the warmer temps, sounds of kids playing all day and well into the night, and weekends filling up faster than a plate at a church potluck, it’s time to make a plan for the upcoming weeks and months. Plan for fun […]

The Year I Boycotted Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A special day to honor the women who give so much of themselves to their families and children. The often excruciating tiredness, the sometimes gut-wrenching angst, the constant, overwhelming love that a mother offers to those under her care deserves recognition and honor. Thank you Mom for all […]