My Big Girl Christmas List

So for about thirty years now (yes … before I was born), I’ve been doing this little tradition. Just me, myself, and I are involved in this little reoccurring thing. This year, I’ve decided to let you all in on my little “thing” I do. Mostly because this world is […]

When Christmas Brings Change to the Party

Every year the presents under our tree get smaller … and more expensive. This is my new reality as a parent of a teen and tween. The cheap(ish) plastic stuff covered with the most popular Disney character is no more in our house. We no longer need to put out […]

Finding Christmas in Unexpected Places

Jesus was born in a small, dirty cave meant for animals not people. No sterile hospital or even a midwife to help two frightened teenagers so far from home. It was probably a bloody mess … a far cry from the pristine nativities we have today. This is the world […]

Creative Christmas Prayer

In the midst of all these posts about how busy Christmas is and all the things we have got to get done between now and then and the major surgery that my 21 year old is having next week I added something extra into the pre-Christmas mix.  It might have […]

What I want my teenager to know about Christmas

Being a parent has changed how I think about life in more ways than I can count. It requires a new mindset…a sacrificial one. And it often shows me the ugliest parts of myself. Can I get a witness? How we celebrate Christmas as a family has definitely been a part of […]

No Room at the Inn

When you look at the scale from introvert to extrovert, I’m all the way over in the introvert zone nestled up to the ‘I’ and wishing the word ‘introvert’ had more letters so I could climb further in. This means I find the holiday season both deeply beautiful and incredibly […]

Choosing to be brave in a scary world

“Careful, be careful,” I hear her tell her imaginary friend through the bedroom door. And I wince. Those words are exactly the opposite of the brave spirit I want to instill in her. Before Reagan was born I determined I wanted to raise her to be brave and adventurous with […]

A child is born

When I realized I was pregnant with my middle child, I kept the news secret for a time. Honestly, at first I was in denial. Surely the test isn’t accurate. It’s a Walmart brand pregnancy test.  I finally mustered the courage to take a second, more reliable, name-brand test to prove […]

Christmas Stress

I love Christmas to infinity! The lights, the fudge, the cookies, the decorations, the nativities, the family time, the cheesy hallmark movies that make me cry Every.Single.Time., the candlelit services…I love it all. But the holidays also equal Christmas Stress. They equal busyness, being overextended financially or making sacrifices of […]

Rethinking Christmas

Christmas is going to be very different this year for my family. It has meant I need to rethink and refocus my thankfulness around that time of year. Maybe your Christmas is going to be different too. Maybe there will be people missing, or the foods will have to change […]