Couple’s Therapy with God

So for about three weeks now, my relationship with God has been in the repair shop. It’s not a major fix like a broken transmission or blown out engine. Nor like Jacob wrestling with God. (Although I’ve been there too.) It was more like couples counseling. You married peeps understand this. […]

Hanging in to the Finish

By the time this post gets published, I will have likely had a baby. Oh God, please let that be true. But today, as I sit at my computer with my feet up on the desk, I’m 8 months along and feeling huge and uncomfortable. I have to go to […]

The Finishing Touch

I am great at starting projects. I quickly map out a plan, get my supplies and I’m off! It’s usually about halfway through that I fully realize the investment I’ve made (whether an afternoon project or one that lasts a week+). And then I press on because it’s “too late […]

There Are Some Things I’m Never Going to Finish

There are some things I will never finish. Reading. I may finish a book, but there is always another book, another poem, another play or blog or essay collection. Writing. I always have more stories to tell. And some days I feel like I will never finish writing the stories […]

I’m Going to Finish

I started college the fall after my high school graduation. I completed two semesters and then got married, moved to another state, and had a baby. Alrighty then. Plans change, right? We take detours. We trip, fall and get back up again. That’s what I did. When my oldest son […]

What I Learned While I Served Silently

Two years ago, I began serving inside a juvenile detention center, (after being vetted through references and finger-printed, photographed and LIVE SCANNED at the Sheriff’s Office), because I want the kids who come for Friday night church to know God sees them and God hears them. I want to say, […]

The Day my Spanx Failed Me

Two weeks ago, as I was getting dressed for church, I suffered a major Spanx malfunction. Not a tiny little hole. No, not tiny at all. Just as I managed to get the suckers up past my hips, my fingernail caught the belly panel just exactly wrong. The fabric containing […]

Why I’m not Afraid to Try to Understand God

Why I’m not afraid to try to understand God Have you ever been reading a story from the Old Testament, like maybe the story of Noah and the great flood and wondered “What in the world, even?” How does this God who wipes out an entire world reconcile with the […]