To Risk Losing It All, Again

As the doctor walked into the ultrasound room, I knew something was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. “The baby looks great,” she solemnly shared. “But you’re dilated to 4cm.” My heart stopped. She said other words that I couldn’t fully process: bulging membranes, emergency surgery, hospital now. She left the room […]

The Year I Boycotted Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A special day to honor the women who give so much of themselves to their families and children. The often excruciating tiredness, the sometimes gut-wrenching angst, the constant, overwhelming love that a mother offers to those under her care deserves recognition and honor. Thank you Mom for all […]

My Grief For God’s Glory

This statement has been floating around my brain for the past few weeks – for God’s glory. It easily slips from my lips but am I really willing to surrender to it. My work, my family, my life … all for His ultimate glory. What might the cost of that […]

Grief is a Four Letter Word

One of the reasons I love this month’s theme, (RE)lent, is because it falls during the season of Lent. I realize Lent is one of those observances which can make people feel uncomfortable. If we aren’t going to a certain type of church we don’t really know what the hoopla […]