What I Choose to Remember

It’s funny the way God works. We are all different, our situations are different, and because of this He acts in ways that best suits me or you. He treats us each as the beautifully unique individuals we truly are. Take grief for instance. One of our Middle Sisters lost her […]

13.1 miles and 20 years

I said I wasn’t going to write about it anymore, but there is really no way for me to write at all without talking about the last week. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know this year has been a hard one.  I recently heard a phrase in reference […]

Being Real About Grief

Have you ever been in a group situation where someone has asked how people are feeling and then immediately shut down the person who braved a ‘real’ response? Yeah, it happened to me recently, and the person who asked the question probably thought their response was useful and encouraging, reminding […]

There is New Life in Me

It took me by surprise. I hadn’t been to my mom’s group in a few weeks. A work meeting, a rough bout with illness that cycled through our family, and a speaking gig in a nearby town had kept me away from my usual Tuesday morning meet-up with other mom […]

Recounting…Even in our darkest times, God is good

Sometimes, in the midst of our journey life seems burdensome. It is only in reflection that we begin to see God’s goodness through the most troublesome times. Even in the darkest hours He shines blessing and joy. Sometimes, it takes years before we look back and see it. At 6 […]

I Don’t Want to Forget

I’ve been feeling schmoopy this week. That’s the word my husband and I use when we feel sentimental and all overflowing with a gushy kind of love. I keep looking at my kids – two boys ages 1 and 2 – and feeling sad that some day they’re going to […]

When Life Falls with the Leaves

There’s a tree in the courtyard near our apartment building. When we moved in last January it was leafless, covered in a blanket of snow. On Easter morning we took a picture in front of it, delighted that spring time had brought soft green leaves and bright pink blossoms to decorate […]

When Joy is Three Parts Pain

Grace often crystallizes in retrospect and tears of grief give way to healing the pain and restoring the joy. The greatest miracles in our lives may be beyond the purview of our mortal existence.  That is difficult to understand but proved over and over in God’s word. Which is worse? Taking blessings for granted […]

Hold my hand

She felt alone. As if a darkness had enveloped her and cut her off from everything and everyone. She stammered for words to explain the helplessness she felt and I set our lesson aside because I have been there. Ok LORD what now? The Elijah Syndrome: We turned to 1 […]

A Change of Focus

I had high expectations for this summer. Those hopes haven’t been met and my summer has been all the better for it. I’ve been pretty open about my husband and I’s struggle with fertility. We’ve been trying for another baby for many months now and have been diagnosed with “unexplained […]