Sometimes Dreams Don’t Come True

Sometimes dreams don’t come true. Now all of the optimists and encouragers shake in their seats, wanting desperately to tell me there is still time, that my dreams might come true, that I should not give up. And they are right. All of you are right. I’m not quitting, but […]

What Is It Like to Die?

Have you ever wondered what is it like to die? I’ve been asked many tough questions in my life. I used to think there was an answer to almost every question. Even if I didn’t know the answer, I assumed, for most questions, someone did. Someone smarter. Someone wiser. Someone […]

When You Feel Like God Misled You

God misled me. And He lost my trust. Starting at age 16, I knew I was created to be a missionary. Once, on a flight with violent turbulence, I actually thought, God won’t let this plane go down, because He needs me to do His work. It sounds so arrogant […]

When Healing Doesn’t Come

I wrote a book about our journey through cancer and deployment, essentially about finding joy in the hard places of life. But let’s be honest, my husband returned, and my daughter is healthy today (nine year’s cancer free April second). My husband’s return and my daughter’s surgery did not end the […]

My Authentic Grief

As I cradled his tiny body to my chest I wept. It’s been four years since I held my stillborn son in my arms and began the process of grieving. And although that day is the most painful of my life to date, it was in the days and weeks that followed […]

The Healing Power of Getting Away

It was a simple weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. But It became a weekend of incredible healing for my husband and I. We talked like we had not talked in a long, long time. We shared our hopes, we opened up about our fears, we laughed and we cried. […]

Finding Healing in the Midst of our Pain

It wasn’t what I expected to come from that weekend. It was the year after my mom died, and I made my first ever trip to Northern Ireland. It was supposed to be a fun weekend with some friends at a women’s conference. I had not originally intended to go, […]

Finding Your Way Back From Grief

Have you ever experienced a disaster which left you paralyzed with grief or loss only to wonder how the world continued to turn and people went about their business as if nothing had happened? Naomi, the mother in law of Ruth, survived a series of disasters. She left Israel due […]