Alone in the Boat

Sometimes I don’t believe in God. It’s not often, but there are moments when I step outside of myself and shake my head. I don’t get it. How can any of this be true? But then I reconnect. Sometimes, the reconnection is strong and I am bowled over by God’s […]

Searching for Rest

Rest. Y’all, we know this important. Just like exercise and eating right and having regular quiet times. Right? Yet, when our calendars start filling up, it’s always the first thing to go. We fill it with other things to get by…like eating too much chocolate, drinking copious amounts of coffee […]

On Planners, Post It Notes and Grace…

I’m a free spirited scatterbrain. I freely admit it. I’ve got loads of common sense and I’m often likely to take life too seriously. So I’m not saying I’m a space cadet. I’m just scattered. And sometimes smothered and covered. If you don’t believe me, then you should know this…I […]

Embracing the Middle Places

For about a year now, I’ve dreaded Sundays.  This dread of Sundays has been brutal on my heart.  All my life, Sundays were my favorite days.  The joy of starting a new week was exciting.  The importance of being refreshed in God’s Word was exhilarating.  It was like a reunion […]

You Belong

After we’d attended our church for a few months, my husband and I decided to become members. We took the required class, wrote statements of faith and attended a special lunch with the pastors. The final step was to stand and be affirmed by the congregation on a Sunday morning. […]

Just. Be. Still.

I’m having a hard time being still lately. Have you ever been there? I tend to busy up very easily. My best friends will tell you that I have a very hard time sitting still. I’m a multi-tasker. I do it without a list most days which I take a […]

Why I Celebrate What I’m Not

Have you ever wished to be better at something?  A better cook or parent, better at drawing, better at making people happy, better at church, better at work, better at marriage…there’s so many things we don’t do well, all of us. It doesn’t help when Pinterest is constantly showing us […]

When Hoping Is Hard…

I was single for most of my twenties. I was hopeful about finding Mr. Right but it seemed like a long shot because I was a campus pastor. Most of the men in my life were college undergraduates or married colleagues in ministry, neither of which were appropriate pools for mate selection. […]

I Want to be a Mary…

As this month comes to a close, I reflect back on our theme this month… (RE)plenish… to fill or make complete again.  Y’all, April is such a renewal for my soul.  I see Easter as a Christian’s New Year!  THIS is where our resolutions should begin.  This is where we […]

This side of healing

We were heading out for a late lunch — me, my son, and his wife — before a night out at a concert, when the conversation turned to hard things. My son mentioned something he thought I knew about, a little piece of a story that was almost 20 years […]

Making Room for Contradiction

I’ve been in a bit of an existential crisis lately, which isn’t really a secret. Maybe you’ve never had one, but many people I know have experienced, or are experiencing, a time of uncertainty, a time when even the very ground under our feet shakes and trembles, threatening to crumble […]