When Loving Your Family is Hard

Parenting is all about preparing. In as much as it is about preparing your child to become an adult and grow in to a beautiful person, it is also a season when God is preparing His children, the parents, to be better followers and lovers of Him – to trust […]

How Forgiving Changed Me

Who are you? If asked, I would respond, “I am a child of God, I am the mother to my four sons, I have been a wife for 21 years, I am a daughter in-law and daughter, I am a friend to many.” One of these roles defines me more […]

A Red Paper Heart Changed Me

White knights, Mr. Darcy and roses defined love for many years to me. Who doesn’t dream of being swept away in a tidal wave of passion? My 30’s are fast ending, and I no longer stare at the all-important finger, longing for someone to put a ring on it, longing […]

How I Learned Unconditional Love

Many years ago, my mom lost a long battle with cancer. It was a difficult road and she was a stinkin’ trooper. Smiling when she felt good but always positive and honest even on the bad days. There were years and years of chemotherapy and radiation and surgeries and agony. […]

How Desperation Drove Me to Rest

What makes a Baptist go off alone for a silent retreat at a Catholic monastery? Desperation. My current living situation and lifestyle surrounds me with very little chance for quiet. Struggles on the home front have led to struggles in my faith. Struggles in my faith have left me tired […]

Do What You Love

Lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I’ve shared a great deal over the last year about the process of deconstructing and reconstructing, about how I danced to the tune of “should” for far too long and allowed expectations, both real and imagined, to define and dictate my schedule and […]

When God Calls us to be Alone

I’ve always been a complicated personality mix, craving solitude while deeply loving and enjoying my tribe of people. As an introvert, I can spend days alone and still struggle when I need to “people” again. In fact, withdrawing seems to be my most basic coping skill, one which has served […]

Lessons from Star Wars

*This blog contains no spoilers. It is safe for all readers.* I’m probably not the last geek to see it, but I’m definitely near the end of the line when it comes to the new Star Wars movie. Our Christmas season was beyond crazy, and I really don’t like crowds […]

Leaving Margin Space for the Unknown

Last year, I did three really huge things. I climbed a mountain. I ran a half marathon. I went to therapy for the first time, and continued to work through most of the year on healing and personal, mental health. When I began setting goals for this year, I found myself […]