My Life as a Recovering Legalist

Religious legalism dominated the first half of my life. The thing about legalism, you don’t quite realize how deep your own goes when you first realize you might have a problem with it. Oh, you recognize the ugliness of it. When you first come out of it, you realize how […]

There is a Tween in my Head

There’s a 12-year-old girl living inside my 40-year-old head. She has a startlingly large perm and is awkwardly tall for her age. She wants desperately to be taken seriously but also longs to be taken care of. She is goofy and sweet and overly emotional, and she cares a little […]

What if … it’s time to let go?

I had a plan. It was a sound plan, and it allowed me a little more time to embrace the truth. I must let go. That was two days ago, and then God interrupted my carefully laid plans. It was the middle of night when I heard a thought, “Get out […]

Call Me Ms. Controlled Chaos

Checkmate. After almost 28 years of marriage my husband will not play chess with me because I do not play five moves ahead. I live more in the moment. The funny thing is – sometimes I win because it is so unexpected! Of course, chaos predictably does not always turn […]

Loving My Aging Parents Well

My Daddy has always been larger than life to me. His happy-go-lucky vibrancy for life, his love for laughter and strong sense of adventure always brought me security and joy. He was always ready to offer me time, a listening ear and any help I needed. When we began to […]