How an Artist Remakes a Masterpiece

Last week, I was chatting with a friend about her job as a psyche nurse. We got onto the topic of how creativity and mental illness often co-exist. She mentioned a particular artist that I knew very little about. When I returned home, I looked him up, fascinated by the […]

Tackling The Weeds

Last week I told you about how disconnected I felt.  This week hasn’t been much better.   My main goal of the week was to tackle my garden.  The weather is lovely, and in the south we know we have to savor those moments! But y’all, I looked out that […]

The Fear Factor

This past weekend was our annual family reunion weekend at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. It is the highlight of our summer every year. In the 13 years we have been going, we have done pretty much everything there is to do at the resort. Everything except the Tree Top Ropes course. […]

Why I Celebrate What I’m Not

Have you ever wished to be better at something?  A better cook or parent, better at drawing, better at making people happy, better at church, better at work, better at marriage…there’s so many things we don’t do well, all of us. It doesn’t help when Pinterest is constantly showing us […]