How I Found Happiness on my Search for Wholeness

Because I’m happy, Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.” — “Happy” by Pharrell Williams The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines happiness as a state of being happy. But what does it mean to be happy? What is a state of happy? I looked at the wide array of […]

Where Are You Searching for Jesus?

As the preacher read from Luke, I thought about graveyards. There is a question in Luke’s description of that first Easter morning that struck a new chord with me. I pulled out my journal and scribbled some notes. The question asked by two men in shining clothes. “Why do you […]

Feeling Lonely Is Not the Same as Being Alone

For someone who’s never alone, feeling lonely happens way more than one might think. I’m raising two toddlers, so on any given day there’s a lot of cuddling and carrying and breaking up wrestling matches. I work part-time at a church, where I lead Bible studies, meet with women and […]

Where do you go when you need to find yourself?

My family has an inside joke based on a fond memory of our grandmother. Whenever one of us would take her home, we would get to this certain spot on the road, and she would start searching for her keys in her big handbag. It would start with her searching […]

Developing my faith in the middle of the waiting game

My phone rings, and my heart sinks. This is the third phone call of the day from my son’s school. My son has severe ADHD with some accompanying issues that have been making school difficult for him.  He has a 504 plan with school supports to help him be successful. […]

What to Do When Jesus Doesn’t Fit Your Timeline

One Sunday night per month, we attend a special worship service. Typically, my mom watches the kids, because they don’t do well this late at night, especially after the morning in nursery and children’s church. “Are we going to be in the room with the rescue hero station?!” Ben asked […]

How to Believe We Are Good

Remember last year when I ran a half marathon? I haven’t done much running since then. I’ve been trying to figure out why, and, finally, I may have hit upon the reason. I’m not very good at running. When I wrote about running, which I did for weeks during my […]

God Will Never Take His Eyes Off You

Do the situations in your life feel like vast mountains standing in front of you, blocking your way? It’s how I feel often as I watch hard situations besiege some of my loved ones. There are days when I can’t see a way over, around or through those Mount Everest’s […]