When God Uses Music to Move your Heart

There are many ways God speaks to us. Sometimes in a still small voice, and sometimes it feels like He’s shouting. And often, for me, He speaks through music. Often He speaks through music I was away this last weekend at a women’s leadership retreat when, given a few minutes […]

Learning to embrace my creativity

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” -Brene’ Brown My in-laws bought me a sewing machine as a surprise present for my thirtieth birthday. I went along with the excitement of the moment, but I wasn’t at all feeling genuinely thrilled. I’m super crafty, but before […]

Learning to Engage With God on My Terms

The past two years, I experienced the joy of being a part of a joint church project in our town. 400 children and around 30 adults gathered from 10 different primary schools over the week. I was part of the team giving those children a full day experience around the […]

What if Hoping Isn’t Healthy?

What if hoping isn’t healthy? The question has been rolling around my brain the last few months. My husband and I started trying for another baby almost two years ago. Last fall we were excited to finally be told we were expecting. Heartbreakingly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage and again […]

How to Stubbornly Abide in God’s Truth

I was raised on the south side of Tampa Bay. Summertime, I just changed from one bikini to the next. I often fell asleep in my swimsuit because I lived in the water. If I wasn’t at the beach, I was on a boat. Jim was our family friend when […]

The One Word I Speak in the Middle of a Crisis

I chucked out what I originally wrote on abiding this month. It didn’t have the honesty I wanted to put in the piece. Something kept blocking my words. Last week I went to visit a dear friend. On my last afternoon in town, we sat and talked for a couple […]

5 Ways I Am Learning to Abide

The word “abide” is stalking me. It keeps coming up in Scripture, in the book I am reading (The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning), and other places. I have not been very good at abiding this year. There was a time I thought of myself as a contemplative. […]

To the Fearless Girl Who Loves to Hustle

I find one of the most confusing passages in the Bible is John’s lecture on abiding in John 14. I understand the principle of abiding. But my tongue and brain usually get all twisted up in the reading. It feels like every other word is abide. Abide, abide, abide. The […]