The Break Up

#1. I grew up in the Southern Baptist church. #2. Because of #1, there are some inalienable truths about me. Some of those truths: I know the words to most classic hymns, minus the 3rd verses. I think eating casseroles while studying the Bible makes it easier to understand. I […]

Do you pray to delay?

Confession: Sometimes I come to a screeching halt as I realize I just said the words, “Let me pray on it,” when what I really mean is, “I don’t know and I need time to figure it out and I will probably completely forget that I meant to pray about […]

The Unrelenting Love of God

Have you ever felt stuck in a moment of time? Imagine living in a time before the stars and the planets were understood. Imagine you’re going about your business one morning and you look up at the sky and something is different. There’s a shadow coming across the front of […]

Two Different Kinds of Free

Two deer. Two dogs. This is what I carried away with me. I boarded the church bus two Saturdays ago, along with a small group of friends, and rode to Canton Mississippi for a music retreat at Gray Center. The morning was spent sampling a variety of music styles while […]