The Life-Giving Joy of Standing in the Gap

I didn’t know the young twenty-something woman choosing baptism that morning. I know most of our large church congregation. I even volunteer once a month to help new faces find places to connect in our church. This woman I had never met. She was joined by just a few family […]

God Will Never Take His Eyes Off You

Do the situations in your life feel like vast mountains standing in front of you, blocking your way? It’s how I feel often as I watch hard situations besiege some of my loved ones. There are days when I can’t see a way over, around or through those Mount Everest’s […]

When the Church Broke my Heart

How did you guys end up in Mississippi? This week, as my husband and I chatted with new friends, a hard experience drifted into the conversation. It’s a fair question. My husband was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. I was born in Kentucky and raised in South Carolina. We […]

The Healing Power of Getting Away

It was a simple weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. But It became a weekend of incredible healing for my husband and I. We talked like we had not talked in a long, long time. We shared our hopes, we opened up about our fears, we laughed and we cried. […]

When God Used Me to Heal

For most of my life, I saw healing the sick as either someone else’s spiritual gift or something from the Bible. I never really ever thought I could heal anyone. Sure, I had laid my hands on people as someone prayed, but in my heart it was more about the […]

Healing a Sin Sick Soul

I’ve been working the steps since January. If you’ve ever been in a 12-step program, you know exactly what I mean. I failed to realize being part of a team of leaders for my congregation’s community care ministry would mean working through the steps myself (which in hindsight is terribly […]

Stumbling through Lent

One of the ways I am reengaging with God is through liturgy. Even though my husband is a pastor in a definitively evangelical church, a church which I have no intention of leaving, it’s been a healing experience to walk ancient paths week after week, repeating thousand-year-old prayers and returning […]

A Stranger in Church

I watched as an elderly man with a turban walked into my church, down the center aisle, while the pastor was finishing his sermon. As the pastor was speaking the most important words that summarized the key points of the day’s lesson, this man knelt at the pulpit and then […]