How We’re Marked by Time

Today is my birthday; I’m forty-two.  Forty is a funny age; people either love flipping over another decade or they run screaming from it.  Me? I’m a birthday embracer, and I love forty. I’m fascinated by the process of aging. A few days before my twenty-third birthday, I was diagnosed […]

When it’s Time to Make a Change

Ever known deep down you had to make a change? Even when you would have been “okay” trucking along the way you were? Only….they really wouldn’t be “okay”. I’m going to tell you something that sounds a little cocky. I’m pretty cute. Somehow I have managed to maintain a healthy […]

The Salty Truth

There’s a quote by Stephen Hawking I love to use when people remark about me being so quiet: “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” Of course, I’m an introvert, so that has something to do with me being quiet. But I know plenty of loud introverts, too. Mostly, I just like […]