These Hands Don’t Lie

Have you looked at your hands lately? What do they make you think about? Every time I see mine they remind me that I’m 40. And I’m good with that, but still…sometimes it’s startling to see these wrinkly, veiny hands attached to my body. They look exactly like I remember my mom’s […]

Channeling Cheri

I’m an introvert. I struggle with social anxiety. If a situation is likely to involve small talk (waiting rooms, etc…) I will bring a book and disappear into some other world for a while. At a party, I prefer talking to people I know. When together, my best friend and […]

The Problem With Being a Fixer…

Hi. My name is Maria and I’m a fixer. I’ve got some analytical part of my brain that is always dissecting the things around me to figure out how to make them better. I like short-term projects for this very reason. When I get pulled into long-term projects I often […]

When the Formula Doesn’t Fit

Perhaps you’ve seen blog posts that look something like this: 5 Steps to an Awesome Marriage 5 Ways to Get Kids to Cooperate More and Fight Less 5 Steps to Being Organized in a Season of Chaos 10 Habits of the Happy Marriage 10 Ways to Bring Peace to Your Home 5 Things […]

No one’s better at #fatshaming me than me

I’ve been struggling with weight for over fifteen years now, and this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about it. I’d love to check it off my list: “got this thing figured out.” But that isn’t the case, and truthfully, probably never will be. I go through good seasons (thank […]