In the Middle of Yielding Control

Last week I was listening to a beautiful song called “Remember Me as a Time of Day” by Explosions in the Sky and someone asked me what time of day I was. I said that I was the dark night of the soul. I recently texted three people that although […]

Choosing to Embrace Sabbath Rest

Last year I did a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer about Sabbath rest called Breathe. It was a wonderful book that I hated because it convicted me in so many ways. Seriously. I barely finished it, because it just kept hitting me in the gut over and over again. Have […]

Hiding my Inner Human

Often as a service to others, I try to be Wonder Woman and hide my inner human. My inner human vs. Wonder Woman My inner human can be quite a force to reckon with. She is selfish and shy. Quick-tempered and obstinate. She generally feels out of control and wants […]

What I Learned While I Served Silently

Two years ago, I began serving inside a juvenile detention center, (after being vetted through references and finger-printed, photographed and LIVE SCANNED at the Sheriff’s Office), because I want the kids who come for Friday night church to know God sees them and God hears them. I want to say, […]

Learning to embrace my creativity

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” -Brene’ Brown My in-laws bought me a sewing machine as a surprise present for my thirtieth birthday. I went along with the excitement of the moment, but I wasn’t at all feeling genuinely thrilled. I’m super crafty, but before […]

Rewriting the Rules in My New Decade of Life

A couple of years ago, I turned 40. With the advent of this new decade of life (and some time under my belt), I’ve learned a few things. Now I’m rewriting the rules for my middle of life. I’ve learned a few things about my body. *It’s a harder to […]

When Learning Feels Like Failing

Learning looks a lot like failing right now. Like when I tried to teach a new song to kids at our church’s VBS program last month. I hadn’t practiced the motions before I started and ended up tripping myself and tumbling dramatically to the carpet. Much to the delight of […]

Jesus Might Be More Like My Family Than I Realize

For the last few weeks, I’ve been home. I brought my kids to my parent’s house for some much-needed vacation time, and we’ve been enjoying these days together. There are so many things I love about being back under my parent’s roof. The smell of clean laundry as soon as […]

Searching for Validation in All the Wrong Places

Meet seven-year-old Lindsey. My parents raised me well. We had good family values, and they both had a strong work ethic – but spirituality wasn’t part of our lives. We didn’t even do the obligatory Christmas and Easter church services. The only exposure I had to Christianity was attending Sunday […]