Finding Community in an Unexpected Place

Community is a funny thing. Sometimes communities come together naturally, sometimes they are forced together, and sometimes they are completely unconventional. What if finding community in unexpected places is not so uncommon, after all? The logo of the church I attend has three concentric circles, which comes from a visit […]

Why a God-Fearin’ Girl Hits the Bars

Every single weekend, this Jesus lovin’, God fearing girl hits the bars. Now hear me out … These are probably the very last words you expect out of a Christian blogger’s mouth, right? So here’s the scoop. My husband and I have a band … a duo to be more […]

Searching for Validation in All the Wrong Places

Meet seven-year-old Lindsey. My parents raised me well. We had good family values, and they both had a strong work ethic – but spirituality wasn’t part of our lives. We didn’t even do the obligatory Christmas and Easter church services. The only exposure I had to Christianity was attending Sunday […]

There is a Tween in my Head

There’s a 12-year-old girl living inside my 40-year-old head. She has a startlingly large perm and is awkwardly tall for her age. She wants desperately to be taken seriously but also longs to be taken care of. She is goofy and sweet and overly emotional, and she cares a little […]