Rewriting the Rules in My New Decade of Life

A couple of years ago, I turned 40. With the advent of this new decade of life (and some time under my belt), I’ve learned a few things. Now I’m rewriting the rules for my middle of life. I’ve learned a few things about my body. *It’s a harder to […]

How Weeding A Labyrinth Helped Me Learn to Pray Better

There are many positions of prayer. From my latest and this humble position, I was given the opportunity to learn to pray better–more focused, more effectively. Several years ago a local church in my area built an outdoor prayer labyrinth. Later I learned it was an Eagle Scout project by one of […]

Learning to Engage With God on My Terms

The past two years, I experienced the joy of being a part of a joint church project in our town. 400 children and around 30 adults gathered from 10 different primary schools over the week. I was part of the team giving those children a full day experience around the […]

When Learning Feels Like Failing

Learning looks a lot like failing right now. Like when I tried to teach a new song to kids at our church’s VBS program last month. I hadn’t practiced the motions before I started and ended up tripping myself and tumbling dramatically to the carpet. Much to the delight of […]

The art of making new friends

Do you feel disconnected from a friend you’ve known a long time? Or maybe you know someone you’d love to become a closer friend? Both situations bring uncertainty on how to move forward. Once we reach adulthood, making new friends and keeping old ones requires a certain level of intentionality […]

How to Stubbornly Abide in God’s Truth

I was raised on the south side of Tampa Bay. Summertime, I just changed from one bikini to the next. I often fell asleep in my swimsuit because I lived in the water. If I wasn’t at the beach, I was on a boat. Jim was our family friend when […]

Confessions of a Recovering Blabbermouth

We purchased a new home a few weeks ago. We spent the first few days of home ownership refinishing the kitchen cabinets. I worked on them during the day, and my husband James joined me in the evenings. When we finished, we got in our separate vehicles and drove the […]

Jesus Might Be More Like My Family Than I Realize

For the last few weeks, I’ve been home. I brought my kids to my parent’s house for some much-needed vacation time, and we’ve been enjoying these days together. There are so many things I love about being back under my parent’s roof. The smell of clean laundry as soon as […]