When the Formula Doesn’t Fit

Perhaps you’ve seen blog posts that look something like this: 5 Steps to an Awesome Marriage 5 Ways to Get Kids to Cooperate More and Fight Less 5 Steps to Being Organized in a Season of Chaos 10 Habits of the Happy Marriage 10 Ways to Bring Peace to Your Home 5 Things […]

No one’s better at #fatshaming me than me

I’ve been struggling with weight for over fifteen years now, and this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about it. I’d love to check it off my list: “got this thing figured out.” But that isn’t the case, and truthfully, probably never will be. I go through good seasons (thank […]

How We’re Marked by Time

Today is my birthday; I’m forty-two.  Forty is a funny age; people either love flipping over another decade or they run screaming from it.  Me? I’m a birthday embracer, and I love forty. I’m fascinated by the process of aging. A few days before my twenty-third birthday, I was diagnosed […]

Refill, Please

It has been a hard week in the Truett house, and I’ve thought a lot about the Middle Places April theme, (re)Plenish. How do I replenish my spirit when it feels emptier than empty? I shared a little about why last week, and before that post even went live, a related event […]

On Cooties and Keeping Secrets

I have vivid memories of having to skip church one Sunday when I was a kid, because my sister and I had been exposed to lice. We did not actually have lice, but the fear of lice had totally set my mom on edge. I remember panic mixed with anger […]

Where Worship Happens

You can’t always predict where worship will happen. I don’t remember how I first started working on church media. We were serving Crossgates United Methodist at the time, and I somehow ended up clicking through the lyrics on Power Point for a non-traditional worship service. Probably, Corey needed someone to […]

Sharing stories over coffee and tears

We sit in our little square of four, the rich smells of coffee and the boisterous comings and goings of morning life filling our senses. In our own little ways, we each store away the details for later use in whatever we are currently writing. We lean in close to […]

Building Your Own House

Sometimes, life hands you a reason to be really really really glad you did your job well. There are days, weeks, months, when whatever you are working at is hard. For one reason or another, you are exhausted. You could cut a few corners. You could be a little lazy. […]

When it’s Time to Make a Change

Ever known deep down you had to make a change? Even when you would have been “okay” trucking along the way you were? Only….they really wouldn’t be “okay”. I’m going to tell you something that sounds a little cocky. I’m pretty cute. Somehow I have managed to maintain a healthy […]

The Salty Truth

There’s a quote by Stephen Hawking I love to use when people remark about me being so quiet: “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” Of course, I’m an introvert, so that has something to do with me being quiet. But I know plenty of loud introverts, too. Mostly, I just like […]