Sticky Friends

“Tell me about it,” she invites. “I don’t have anything new to say,” I reply through big crocodile tears. “Tell me anyway.” There are seasons in life where the pain of a hurtful situation seems to go on and on. A messy divorce, a cancer diagnosis, maybe a bit of […]

Deep and Wide…Thoughts on Friendship

Do you remember last week how I started my post “Hi. My name is Maria and I am a fixer“? Guess what? You told me I’m not the only one that struggles with that. Thank you for that “Me, too.” After thinking about how my fixer tendencies overflow into relationships, […]

When Friends Become Family…

On Memorial Day I found out that I am related to one of my closest friends thanks to Facebook. She posted a picture of herself at the graves of her great, great, great grandparents. The last name stood out because it was also the last name of my great, great, great […]

The Problem With Being a Fixer…

Hi. My name is Maria and I’m a fixer. I’ve got some analytical part of my brain that is always dissecting the things around me to figure out how to make them better. I like short-term projects for this very reason. When I get pulled into long-term projects I often […]

Having a Best Friend

What is your favorite part of having a best friend? This is the question I asked my 11-year-old as we made breakfast today. We were preparing for his belated birthday celebration. His best friend will come over for cake and video games and dinner out. I asked the question, thinking […]