What My Best Friend Taught Me

Some days I wonder how my best friend and I have managed to form such a deeply committed relationship with each other. We are opposite in most of the things that would keep two people from being close. She’s more introverted, and while I have some introverted tendencies, I have […]

Girlfriending…on friendships in your 30’s

Friendships in my 20s were easy. We were mostly single and, although money may have been tight, we had the time and creativity to turn the most mundane activity into a party (like grocery shopping at 11pm!). It didn’t hurt that I lived with a plethora of awesome girls during […]

Gettin’ Real

It’s a high priority to me to be authentic with those I care about. It helps that I’m terrible at hiding my emotions. If something is right or something is wrong, you can tell just by being near me, no words required. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a pro […]

Show Up Scared

This past weekend, I went to a writers conference for the first time since getting a literary agent. I love learning about my craft. I love challenging myself. I’d love to get my MFA in Creative Writing, but I don’t have my Bachelors and that complicates the matter a little. […]

The Loose & Lively Book Club

You can make friends doing by just about anything together. Click To Tweet A few years ago I was lonely. I found myself in a new marriage, a new house and a new job and I was struggling to find myself in all of my new contexts. I was lucky enough to have […]

Alone in the Boat

Sometimes I don’t believe in God. It’s not often, but there are moments when I step outside of myself and shake my head. I don’t get it. How can any of this be true? But then I reconnect. Sometimes, the reconnection is strong and I am bowled over by God’s […]

Channeling Cheri

I’m an introvert. I struggle with social anxiety. If a situation is likely to involve small talk (waiting rooms, etc…) I will bring a book and disappear into some other world for a while. At a party, I prefer talking to people I know. When together, my best friend and […]

On Finding Your Tribe

You’ve heard it. “Just because you have 2,000 friends on facebook doesn’t mean you have any real friends.” On one hand it’s a true statement. We can get caught up in the numbers. I myself have, both as a blogger and entrepreneur. I think that is to be somewhat to […]

Sharing the Couch

Marriage is hard. This is not news. If you’re engaged or even thinking about getting married, everyone from your pastor to your neighbor to strangers you sit next to on airplanes are ready to chime in with their own stories of relationship struggles. And they’re all right. Chris and I […]