The art of making new friends

Do you feel disconnected from a friend you’ve known a long time? Or maybe you know someone you’d love to become a closer friend? Both situations bring uncertainty on how to move forward. Once we reach adulthood, making new friends and keeping old ones requires a certain level of intentionality […]

The Beauty of Sisterhood

I was seven-years-old when I found out my parents were expecting my youngest sibling. Before they found out the gender, I knew, knew, knew the baby was a girl. I had been praying every night – starting before they announced the pregnancy – for a sister, and this was God’s […]

Known and Loved

My husband just watched the entire series of “Cheers.” I enjoyed watching some of it with him. I think we all secretly long for a place we can walk into and everybody says “Hey, Norm.” (or “Hey, Maria” or fill in your name here.) We long for someone to see […]