When You Feel Like You’re Alone

Have you ever felt alone in a situation…like you are the only one left standing? As if everyone else has been picked off by the enemy, taken out of the battle, so you are the only one who remains? I have. Maybe you are praying for healing or for someone who […]

13.1 miles and 20 years

I said I wasn’t going to write about it anymore, but there is really no way for me to write at all without talking about the last week. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know this year has been a hard one.  I recently heard a phrase in reference […]

How to restore human dignity

We’ve seen a lot of hard images in the media lately. Even my own small town feels poverty, hunger, gang violence, substance abuse, and a high unemployment level threatening to overwhelm humanity daily.  Crisis is everywhere making it hard to know where to start or who to listen to.  We […]

Gettin’ Real

It’s a high priority to me to be authentic with those I care about. It helps that I’m terrible at hiding my emotions. If something is right or something is wrong, you can tell just by being near me, no words required. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a pro […]

Show Up Scared

This past weekend, I went to a writers conference for the first time since getting a literary agent. I love learning about my craft. I love challenging myself. I’d love to get my MFA in Creative Writing, but I don’t have my Bachelors and that complicates the matter a little. […]

The Loose & Lively Book Club

You can make friends doing by just about anything together. Click To Tweet A few years ago I was lonely. I found myself in a new marriage, a new house and a new job and I was struggling to find myself in all of my new contexts. I was lucky enough to have […]