Known and Loved

My husband just watched the entire series of “Cheers.” I enjoyed watching some of it with him. I think we all secretly long for a place we can walk into and everybody says “Hey, Norm.” (or “Hey, Maria” or fill in your name here.) We long for someone to see […]

Loving the Unloveable

We’ve all had them. That person in our life who is difficult to love. Let’s call them our crazy uncle (dear uncles if you are reading this know this is not about you, I promise). They create moments in life where loving is hard. Have you been there? Maybe a […]

When God Calls us to be Alone

I’ve always been a complicated personality mix, craving solitude while deeply loving and enjoying my tribe of people. As an introvert, I can spend days alone and still struggle when I need to “people” again. In fact, withdrawing seems to be my most basic coping skill, one which has served […]