When Compassion is Hard

Have you seen the article floating around Facebook about the woman who helped a man who pooped in a grocery store? I think it happened in my town, y’all. I’m not kidding. I am member of a neighborhood group page. Some time ago, someone posted about a person who had […]

Evangelism sometimes uses words

It is my last day in Honduras. I’m sitting on the back porch of Clinica de Esperanza. Around me, people are digging and planting, moving dirt and piling rocks. I’m thinking about the word “evangelism.” I used to think evangelism was all about talking (the cliché phrase: I’d like to […]

Service as an Act of Gratitude

I have always enjoyed serving. As a child and through my college years my motivation behind serving centered around whether or not it made me feel good. It was less about the one I served and more about me. I helped in the nursery because I loved babies, I did […]

How Weeding A Labyrinth Helped Me Learn to Pray Better

There are many positions of prayer. From my latest and this humble position, I was given the opportunity to learn to pray better–more focused, more effectively. Several years ago a local church in my area built an outdoor prayer labyrinth. Later I learned it was an Eagle Scout project by one of […]

Learning to Engage With God on My Terms

The past two years, I experienced the joy of being a part of a joint church project in our town. 400 children and around 30 adults gathered from 10 different primary schools over the week. I was part of the team giving those children a full day experience around the […]

How to Stubbornly Abide in God’s Truth

I was raised on the south side of Tampa Bay. Summertime, I just changed from one bikini to the next. I often fell asleep in my swimsuit because I lived in the water. If I wasn’t at the beach, I was on a boat. Jim was our family friend when […]

Finding Community in an Unexpected Place

Community is a funny thing. Sometimes communities come together naturally, sometimes they are forced together, and sometimes they are completely unconventional. What if finding community in unexpected places is not so uncommon, after all? The logo of the church I attend has three concentric circles, which comes from a visit […]

Why a God-Fearin’ Girl Hits the Bars

Every single weekend, this Jesus lovin’, God fearing girl hits the bars. Now hear me out … These are probably the very last words you expect out of a Christian blogger’s mouth, right? So here’s the scoop. My husband and I have a band … a duo to be more […]