Lukewarm For Jesus

I’ve been pondering all of the things this week. ALL of them. Do you ever feel that way? How can I make healthier eating choices? How can I exercise more? How can I spend more quality time with God? How can I pray more? How can I reach out to […]

Swift and Beautiful

One afternoon, while trying to regroup for fall, we were cleaning out the storage area of the barn.  The next thing I know, out goes a wheel barrow of trash.  And there… perched right on top… was a dusty metal crutch.  Now this was not just any crutch.  It was […]

Battling For A Blessing

I grew up three kinds of Baptist. When I was born in Eastern Kentucky, we attended a Primitive Baptist church. Once we moved to South Carolina, we settled at a Baptist church I refer to as Independent. It wasn’t connected to the SBC or any other organization. At about 15, […]

My Grown Up VBS

Remember Vacation Bible School? I remember going to a few here and there over the years as a little kid, but my own church never did VBS. I’ve spent more time going to VBS as an adult than I ever did as a child. The church I belong to now […]

Where Worship Happens

You can’t always predict where worship will happen. I don’t remember how I first started working on church media. We were serving Crossgates United Methodist at the time, and I somehow ended up clicking through the lyrics on Power Point for a non-traditional worship service. Probably, Corey needed someone to […]