Letting Jesus Spill into your Serving

Every Sunday and Wednesday I serve in the children’s ministry. There is no “swapping weeks” with anyone. We don’t miss unless we just have to. Every. Single. Week. And I love it, but we often get asked how we don’t just burn out. And the honest answer is that we […]

When Learning Feels Like Failing

Learning looks a lot like failing right now. Like when I tried to teach a new song to kids at our church’s VBS program last month. I hadn’t practiced the motions before I started and ended up tripping myself and tumbling dramatically to the carpet. Much to the delight of […]

A Stranger in Church

I watched as an elderly man with a turban walked into my church, down the center aisle, while the pastor was finishing his sermon. As the pastor was speaking the most important words that summarized the key points of the day’s lesson, this man knelt at the pulpit and then […]

When God Calls us to be Alone

I’ve always been a complicated personality mix, craving solitude while deeply loving and enjoying my tribe of people. As an introvert, I can spend days alone and still struggle when I need to “people” again. In fact, withdrawing seems to be my most basic coping skill, one which has served […]