Stumbling into a Calling

Have you ever felt like God’s getting you ready for something? Only you have no idea what that might be? It makes my eyes want to bug out of my head just thinking about the waiting that implies. Waiting is not my super strength, y’all. This has happened to me […]

In the Middle of Loving

I’m not so good at loving people. I do a great job of loving my people. I love my children with a fierce mother-love I didn’t know I was capable of before they were each placed in my arms. I love my husband with a faithful, steady love borne from […]

In the Middle

I am exactly in the middle of life. I’m in the middle of parenting. I’m probably having a midlife crisis, evidenced by my Converse shoes and crazy tees, and the fact that I consult my teenage daughter for fashion advice in the rare event that I actually care. Yet for […]

Now Accepting Submissions

Something you may not know about Middle Places is we’ve recently added an editor to our team, Mikkee Hall. She starts with us on the first and she’s got the monumental task of helping us implement submissions guidelines, setting up an editorial process and style guide and then helping all of […]