What’s your type? (Your book type, that is.)

We all have a type. Inexplicably, something calls to our souls and connects. It is mysterious and ethereal, this connection speaking to the heart, whispering, I understand. I get you. Just to clarify, I’m not talking men here, but books. There is something incredibly intimate when we read a good […]

Journaling Bible Giveaway

It’s time to celebrate!! Middle Places has reached several BIG milestones this week! Our Facebook page tripped 2,000 likes yesterday! Our community is about to trip over 200! Our Newsletter Subscription is about to hit 400 subscribers! Y’all … this is definitely a cause to celebrate! If we all lived […]

Book Review & Giveaway: All My Belongings

Last week I got the nicest surprise in the mail! It shouldn’t have been a surprise because I requested it, but that’s about par for the course right now. The “surprise” was Cynthia Ruchti’s newest novel, All My Belongings. What makes this surprise even funnier was that two days earlier I […]

1,000 Likes Celebration Giveaway: Day 10

For our last giveaway, I’m giving a way a copy of a book I recently reviewed, “Pieces of the Heart.” It is a great Christian Fiction book set in the WWII era, and addresses a variety of topics including racism, marriage, anger and abuse. I read it and loved it. […]

1,000 Likes Celebration Giveaway: Day 9

Sasha is such a crafty, giving person that she decided to add a second giveaway. She also highly values written words and loves sending and receiving mail. So she is giving away a set of 4 hand-stamped note cards to the winner of today’s giveaway. To enter for your chance […]

1,000 Likes Celebration Giveaway

Today’s giveaway comes from Cheri. One of her favorite things is reading so she decided to give a $10 gift card to Amazon.com (which you can use on books, or movies, or coffee, or chocolate, or even toilet paper if you are so inclined). Follow the directions in the box […]

1,000 Likes Celebration Giveaway: Day 7

Today Heather (she writes here at Middle Places on Thursday) is giving away a customized journal of poetry. After she knows who wins the prize and chats with you a bit, she will fill the journal with poetry from her archives to suit your tastes. To win this fabulous prize […]