Dancing with the Doors Closed

“…What if this trip changes my life and all I want to do is make art boxes? What if there’s a whole different me under the me I know?” It seems possible. Already I’ve seen that when you’re pulled away from your normal routine, it’s as though air and sunlight […]

Playful Manifesto

 Playful Manifesto This season, I will not lose myself in the mundane or the hum-drum. Time is short and precious and memories last a lifetime; No one reaches the end of their days with regret over unwashed laundry. I may make a to-do list, but I reserve the right to […]

The Name Game

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” {William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet} My husband and I spent weeks poring over books and websites trying to decipher the perfect name for our little girl before she was born. I was […]

NOT my Highest Calling

The church isn’t the only place that gets it wrong. A commenter on Facebook pointed this out to me, and she’s correct. However, being a Southern-raised girl who married a minister… the church is where I’ve seen it most. “Motherhood is a woman’s highest calling.” This is a lie. Or, […]

Purple Nails, Blue Hair & a Heart of Gold

“I’ve come to the decision,” she says, “I want to color my hair.” “What color?” I ask. “Purple,” she says, matter-of-factly. You know, the way eleven year old girls say most things. I didn’t react.  I just smiled and said we could look at some washable color for summer, because […]

How Jesus Mended the Momma In Me

“Ugh,” is all I thought when I saw the Middle Places writing calendar.  I was listed as the blog writer for Mother’s Day.  And my first thought was to stomp through the imagery of Mother’s Day corsages and whatnot’s with my muddy little cowgirl boots.  My mom died of cancer […]

The Year I Boycotted Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A special day to honor the women who give so much of themselves to their families and children. The often excruciating tiredness, the sometimes gut-wrenching angst, the constant, overwhelming love that a mother offers to those under her care deserves recognition and honor. Thank you Mom for all […]

Saint Mama

If you are trying to know me, watch my mother laugh. Better, even, you be the one to make her. First, there is her giggle, when her eyes dance, and I have to smile, because I love her so much. But, more perfect that even her giggle, is when she […]

On Mary Poppins and Motherhood…

A couple of weeks ago I got schooled on motherhood. By a fictitious, non-mother person. It all started when I spent a week full of rehearsals and performances of the Broadway version of Mary Poppins. Now, once I had my first child, I  vowed to never take mothering advice from […]