Why We Chose to Adopt

The last five years of my life could be described as one leap of faith after another. Our family grew from two to four children overnight when my husband and I adopted siblings from West Africa in 2012. The process of getting them home took some time and many prayers, […]

Doing What is Right for your Family

Do you sometimes feel like there are pressures from family or society around big holiday celebrations or other major family events? Are there family gatherings you just have to attend, or you will never hear the end of it? Do you feel there are expectations as to what is and is not acceptable […]

Choosing to be brave in a scary world

“Careful, be careful,” I hear her tell her imaginary friend through the bedroom door. And I wince. Those words are exactly the opposite of the brave spirit I want to instill in her. Before Reagan was born I determined I wanted to raise her to be brave and adventurous with […]

Because you ARE making a difference…

My little girl had a temp of 101.5 by the time I realized she was even sick. Obviously she couldn’t go to school. I had no one to keep her, which meant I couldn’t work either. Looking at her, I felt guilty for even considering leaving my precious sick baby […]

I Don’t Want to Forget

I’ve been feeling schmoopy this week. That’s the word my husband and I use when we feel sentimental and all overflowing with a gushy kind of love. I keep looking at my kids – two boys ages 1 and 2 – and feeling sad that some day they’re going to […]