Loving My Aging Parents Well

My Daddy has always been larger than life to me. His happy-go-lucky vibrancy for life, his love for laughter and strong sense of adventure always brought me security and joy. He was always ready to offer me time, a listening ear and any help I needed. When we began to […]

Preparing for my Child to Fail

I struggled with how to be a mother from the start. And I mean quite literally. I felt so ill-prepared. My mother had passed away several years before, and I was surrounded by men. They were awesome, but sometimes you just need a woman to call and ask, “What in the world […]

Always Be Prepared

Always be prepared. Was it the Boy Scouts or my mom that said that? I’m not sure. But it is my mantra every night before school. Are we ready for the next day? Will we get out the door without tears and the shattering of egos? Will everyone have a […]

When Loving Your Family is Hard

Parenting is all about preparing. In as much as it is about preparing your child to become an adult and grow in to a beautiful person, it is also a season when God is preparing His children, the parents, to be better followers and lovers of Him – to trust […]

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait. This is a phrase familiar to every military household. The Army teaches us to be prepared for anything, to show up on time when asked, but to be flexible in the moment to the needs of the Army. It means we show up without a guarantee […]

Love and Poo

I bought into a lie when I was younger. Back when my tummy was flat and life, among other things, was a bit perkier. I bought into the idea that love, especially the love of a mother, was primarily about cuteness, wrestling, building forts and making cookies. And sure, the […]

Cultivating Love for my Special Needs Child

“I already hugged and kissed you. Just go.to.sleep!” I said in forced tones and walked out of his room. It was the eve of our tenth day of no school due to weather, weekends, holidays and teacher work days. The days had become a blur, everyone was frustrated with everyone, and there seemed […]

I’m Not Looking to Raise a Nice Kid

As I sat in Chick-fil-A this afternoon watching the kids race up the play structure, bumping and pushing one another around in an attempt to be first to the slide (mostly laughing, mostly), I wondered at the personalities displayed. From the more cautious all the way to the rough-and-tumble preschool-age […]