Stopping to Notice the Good in Mothering

I knew from the start she would be my only biological baby. After a brief period of grief over that realization, I began seeing everything differently. I didn’t truly spoil her – we live on a farm, so a spoiled child becomes a burden more than a blessing. I did […]

I Choose You

“I love you,” he called as he walked out the door. I didn’t respond, frustrated over his forgetfulness. It doesn’t matter what he forgot, the point was, he had forgotten multiple things I had asked him to follow-up on. Things we both agreed were important. And I had to remind […]

Call Me Ms. Controlled Chaos

Checkmate. After almost 28 years of marriage my husband will not play chess with me because I do not play five moves ahead. I live more in the moment. The funny thing is – sometimes I win because it is so unexpected! Of course, chaos predictably does not always turn […]

Loving My Aging Parents Well

My Daddy has always been larger than life to me. His happy-go-lucky vibrancy for life, his love for laughter and strong sense of adventure always brought me security and joy. He was always ready to offer me time, a listening ear and any help I needed. When we began to […]

Preparing for my Child to Fail

I struggled with how to be a mother from the start. And I mean quite literally. I felt so ill-prepared. My mother had passed away several years before, and I was surrounded by men. They were awesome, but sometimes you just need a woman to call and ask, “What in the world […]