How Motherhood is Teaching Me to Trust Others

I love to learn. Back when I homeschooled, my main goal was to teach my kids one thing: Learning is fun. Once someone realizes it can be fun to learn new things, they keep going. They learn more. They try harder and dig deeper and go for the gold. Who knows […]

Let’s take the time to say “I wonder … “

I’ve been using a form of Bible storytelling for children to connect with God called Godly Play. (And it’s now being increasingly used with the elderly in care homes as well as other disabled adults.) It is far more than just storytelling. The best part is, it ends with “I […]

Confessions of a Recovering Blabbermouth

We purchased a new home a few weeks ago. We spent the first few days of home ownership refinishing the kitchen cabinets. I worked on them during the day, and my husband James joined me in the evenings. When we finished, we got in our separate vehicles and drove the […]

How to Pray For Your Adult Children

Graduation, wedding and birth announcements flooded my Facebook feed. Suddenly, I realized – my life is changing. My kids are both out of the nest, but my heart continues to yearn for God’s best for them. Praying for our adult children is different and challenging from our prayers for them […]

The Isolation of Parenting Teens and Tweens

I’m a mentor in a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I love going into those meetings and hearing the woes of mothers of tiny people and being able to cheer them on, remind them what they’re doing matters, that it is a season, and all of the mothering years aren’t […]

What I Pray for my Children

I want a lot for my kids. I want happy days playing in the sunshine and the chance to for them to learn to ride a bike. I want memories made by the pool on long summer afternoons and the joy of conquering winter’s biggest sledding hill. More importantly, I […]