In the Middle of Loving My Husband

“Honey, what’s going on?” James asked with an especially concerned look on his face. And I knew he was asking what was really going on; he wasn’t just asking about the specific issue at hand. Over the last year and a half, we’ve had a lot going on: family weddings, […]

My Marriage Communication Experiment

Do you love someone who thinks like an engineer? Logical, sensible, good with facts and information, but not so great at the emotional side of communication? Do I see anyone with their hand up? I’ve got mine high in the air since my husband is an electronic design engineer. He […]

Impossible Love

Last week my husband had a doozy of a Bible memory verse. And let me just say he chose to tell me said Bible verse when I was completely mad as a hornet. You know the kinda mad forcing you to stare out the window in a painstaking kinda way. […]

Singing a Morning Song

Last Thursday morning my almost one-year-old woke up at 5:30 a.m. I know there are parents whose children do this every day, but 5:30 is not my normal. 7:00 sometimes, 7:30 most mornings, 8:00 on the best days. To me 5:30 is still basically the middle of the night. But […]

Sharing the Couch

Marriage is hard. This is not news. If you’re engaged or even thinking about getting married, everyone from your pastor to your neighbor to strangers you sit next to on airplanes are ready to chime in with their own stories of relationship struggles. And they’re all right. Chris and I […]

Reading on a New Path

Friends, books, and labyrinths… These are a few of my favorite things. I fell in love with labyrinths when my husband was a youth minister in Brandon, Mississippi. The labyrinth at Crossgates UMC is one of the best gifts life has given me. My husband has been doing youth ministry […]

What To Do With A Dirty Wedding Dress

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes it’s the small things and sometimes it’s the big things like marriage or weddings. My own wedding did NOT go according to plan and we most definitely needed to Reroute but that’s another story for another time, and the big point is […]

State of the Union

Today is my fifth wedding anniversary. In these last five years, James and I have gone through some amazing highs and extreme lows. We’ve traveled and seen new places, met new people and watched our immediate and extended families grow (through births and marriages). We’ve said goodbye to grandparents and […]