Learning to be a Good Wife

I’ve been enjoying a fabulous marriage for a whole two years. They have been packed with illness, deaths in the family, divisions between loved ones, drama, chaos, 90-hour work weeks, children under foot, never enough money … Basically, all of the stressors that cause marriages to tank. QUICKLY tank! This […]

Confessions of a Recovering Blabbermouth

We purchased a new home a few weeks ago. We spent the first few days of home ownership refinishing the kitchen cabinets. I worked on them during the day, and my husband James joined me in the evenings. When we finished, we got in our separate vehicles and drove the […]

I Choose You

“I love you,” he called as he walked out the door. I didn’t respond, frustrated over his forgetfulness. It doesn’t matter what he forgot, the point was, he had forgotten multiple things I had asked him to follow-up on. Things we both agreed were important. And I had to remind […]

Call Me Ms. Controlled Chaos

Checkmate. After almost 28 years of marriage my husband will not play chess with me because I do not play five moves ahead. I live more in the moment. The funny thing is – sometimes I win because it is so unexpected! Of course, chaos predictably does not always turn […]

Happily Ever After

“Ohhhhhh, this guy is the one!” I remember thinking in high school. And then we’d break up and I’d think, “That happened for a reason, and this guy is the one.” I wasn’t a completely foolish teenager … I was just a teenager. I’d beat my bangs up higher and […]

How I Learned Unconditional Love

Many years ago, my mom lost a long battle with cancer. It was a difficult road and she was a stinkin’ trooper. Smiling when she felt good but always positive and honest even on the bad days. There were years and years of chemotherapy and radiation and surgeries and agony. […]