Coloring Outside the Lines

Did you love coloring when you were little? I did. I remember the smell of a new box or crayons, or for me, even better was a new collection of markers. I still feel a deep throb of nostalgia when I pick up a fat, white crayola marker. I loved […]

I’ve Got The Dirt…

Last year, with very grand intentions, I planted my very first garden. Well…my husband and I planted a garden. He did the heavy lifting and building of the raised beds and I put the stuff in the ground and tended it all summer long. We put in tomatoes, all kinds […]

Get in the Game

My family moseyed on up the field where our church community group was gathering with our lawn chairs and cookies. I was looking forward to hanging out and chatting with my girlfriends on this glorious spring day we were having. This group is the best kind of chatty. There were […]