Embracing the Present is Hard

Her somewhat toothless grin makes me giddy. I can’t help it. I just want to eat her up. I keep checking on her left top tooth. Her gum is swollen where the tooth will soon appear … at least I think it will be soon, it seems it’s been on […]

Learning to Embrace the Chaos that is My Life

My morning began at 5AM when my husband’s alarm clock went off. I kissed him goodbye as he hurried out the door for an early morning appointment, hushing my anxious dogs and rolling over to go back to sleep. I awoke again at 6:45 when my messy-haired tot appeared at […]

Your Favorite Thing

What was your favorite thing to do when you were ten? I think about this question from time to time and it has been following me around lately. Middle Sister Dana wrote about summer earlier this week. She talked about recapturing the magic of the season, and it struck a […]

How to Recapture the Magic of Summer

Do you remember summer? I don’t mean last summer, or June 21st, or even the heat.  I mean do you remember Summer, the feeling inside when you open your eyes on the very first day of summer vacation, the freedom swelling in your belly as you walk out those glass double-doors […]

Make Your Cake & Mail It Too!

Anytime I find something with Sandra Denneler’s name attached to it, I immediately know it’s going to be great! Take this cake mail for example. Who wouldn’t love getting cake in their mailbox? From the first time I saw this, I knew I wanted to try it, but it has taken […]

Make it Again Mom

This month, here at Middle Places, our them is Recreate. As the person with the main responsibility for cooking in our home, one of the phrases I really love to hear is closely tied with the idea of recreating. “That was yummy mom, make it again” or something similar never […]

Trust the Recipe

I love the honeysuckle smell of spring. So, when a fellow jelly making friend told me she was making honeysuckle jelly, I immediately went to Pinterest and began looking for the best recipe. I found several. They mostly all looked the same. Thanks to Middle Sister Liz, I was able […]

On Mary Poppins and Motherhood…

A couple of weeks ago I got schooled on motherhood. By a fictitious, non-mother person. It all started when I spent a week full of rehearsals and performances of the Broadway version of Mary Poppins. Now, once I had my first child, I  vowed to never take mothering advice from […]