On Peas and Poundcake

Over Labor Day weekend my husband, a chiropractor,  was given a big sack of pink eye purple hull peas, and a mess of okra by one of his loyal patients. In this same time frame I was charged with making a dessert for the family dinner down home on Monday. […]

Daddy Issues

“All girls have daddy issues.” I read this in a tweet and my heart hurt for the sweet girl that wrote it.  And I began to ask…. Is this true?  I have a pretty screwed up family, but I don’t have daddy issues.  Do I?  Maybe I do and don’t […]

Make it Again Mom

This month, here at Middle Places, our them is Recreate. As the person with the main responsibility for cooking in our home, one of the phrases I really love to hear is closely tied with the idea of recreating. “That was yummy mom, make it again” or something similar never […]