Preparing to Finish Well

This past weekend my grandmother had a fall. It caused some broken and cracked ribs, and a lot of confusion. At 79, she still lives alone, but after this incident and other recent events, that is about to change. So as we prepare for the next step, I wonder if […]

Being the Tooth Fairy is my Main Mom Gig

So, I’ll be honest with y’all. I have one single mothering skill completely mastered … Being the tooth fairy. THIS, my friends, is my main gig. My main gig is the tooth fairy. The first time the tooth fairy came, she built a little gurney-like contraption to move the tooth […]

Loving My Aging Parents Well

My Daddy has always been larger than life to me. His happy-go-lucky vibrancy for life, his love for laughter and strong sense of adventure always brought me security and joy. He was always ready to offer me time, a listening ear and any help I needed. When we began to […]

A Red Paper Heart Changed Me

White knights, Mr. Darcy and roses defined love for many years to me. Who doesn’t dream of being swept away in a tidal wave of passion? My 30’s are fast ending, and I no longer stare at the all-important finger, longing for someone to put a ring on it, longing […]

The Inheritance of Daughters

They fought for their inheritance. We don’t hear about them in our Sunday School classes, but the story of these five sisters is important to me because it reminds me that the Lord loved His people and desired the best for them. Tucked within the book of Numbers is an important reminder of […]

A History of Daring

There is a strong entrepreneurial streak in me stemming from my mom’s side of the family. I grew up just down the road from my grandmother. I spent a lot of time pulling on her apron strings over the years. That’s how I remember her best. In the kitchen with a pretty […]

Empty Place Settings & Hope

I meticulously set the table for seven.  I inserted the leaf in the old table, so there’d be enough room for all of the guests.  I carefully arranged the napkins on my favorite table cloth.  I dressed the table with china and silver and dessert plates. Everything matched or didn’t […]

When Memories Become Sweet

Hello Middle Places peeps!!!  We are in my favorite season.  Or at least I want it to be, but every single stinkin’ year it becomes a big ole hot mess. Thirteen years ago, my Momma died on Thanksgiving day. These beautiful fall months leading up to her death were a […]

The Importance of Roots

When I picked up my middle school aged daughter from school, she hopped in the car excitedly gushing about a homework assignment that she was thoroughly stoked about. Her family tree. I have to be honest and tell you that the idea of plotting out my family tree gives me […]

Leaving a Legacy

A couple of months ago I started writing down our family’s story. I wanted to reconnect with those things that I remember and not let them disappear into the ether as I get older.  I’m not attempting to write a book or anything like that, just get those little nuggets […]