Learning to be a Good Wife

I’ve been enjoying a fabulous marriage for a whole two years. They have been packed with illness, deaths in the family, divisions between loved ones, drama, chaos, 90-hour work weeks, children under foot, never enough money … Basically, all of the stressors that cause marriages to tank. QUICKLY tank! This […]

Embracing the Present is Hard

Her somewhat toothless grin makes me giddy. I can’t help it. I just want to eat her up. I keep checking on her left top tooth. Her gum is swollen where the tooth will soon appear … at least I think it will be soon, it seems it’s been on […]

Preparing to Finish Well

This past weekend my grandmother had a fall. It caused some broken and cracked ribs, and a lot of confusion. At 79, she still lives alone, but after this incident and other recent events, that is about to change. So as we prepare for the next step, I wonder if […]

Do the Next Thing

Do it immediately; Do it with prayer; Do it reliantly, casting all care; Do it with reverence, Tracing His Hand, Who placed it before thee with Earnest command. Stayed on Omnipotence, Safe ‘neath His wing, Leave all resultings, DO THE NEXT THING -Author Unknown I was reading a blog post […]

I’m Going to Finish

I started college the fall after my high school graduation. I completed two semesters and then got married, moved to another state, and had a baby. Alrighty then. Plans change, right? We take detours. We trip, fall and get back up again. That’s what I did. When my oldest son […]

Being the Tooth Fairy is my Main Mom Gig

So, I’ll be honest with y’all. I have one single mothering skill completely mastered … Being the tooth fairy. THIS, my friends, is my main gig. My main gig is the tooth fairy. The first time the tooth fairy came, she built a little gurney-like contraption to move the tooth […]

Learning to Embrace the Chaos that is My Life

My morning began at 5AM when my husband’s alarm clock went off. I kissed him goodbye as he hurried out the door for an early morning appointment, hushing my anxious dogs and rolling over to go back to sleep. I awoke again at 6:45 when my messy-haired tot appeared at […]