Praying the miles, Part 2

Praying the miles, Part 1 As I crossed the finish line of my 1,000 Miles Challenge — a full six months later than I planned for it to take — I tried to smile, to be happy about my accomplishment, but the truth is, I was just heavy. Weighed down […]

New Songs for a New Era

Something amazing happened to me over the last year. I found music again. Okay. I didn’t really lose music, but I did lose my music identity for a little while. Somewhere near the end of 2004 my music collection made a turn toward the preschool playlist and it has hung […]

NOT my Highest Calling

The church isn’t the only place that gets it wrong. A commenter on Facebook pointed this out to me, and she’s correct. However, being a Southern-raised girl who married a minister… the church is where I’ve seen it most. “Motherhood is a woman’s highest calling.” This is a lie. Or, […]